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Artist :Lil' Wayne
Album :500 Degreez
Title :

Fuck You

[Lil Wayne]
Who thatWeezy Bitch
Like Sigelyou fuckin with the young donpeople
Plus I'm tryna make a sonhe gon' be the sequel
Muh'fuckas better be peacefulfo' sheezle
I get sums in lumpslike measles
My dough sickon occations I catch seizures
I treat beef like burgersjust cheese you
And for that cheedarhungry niggaz'll eat you
We breeze through in the twelve with the judo eyes
Bitches yell I wanna do those guys
Ain't that coldyou know shit fucked up when you got banked at fo'
I'm 19 and I got banked at O
That's the Bentley mathat ain't that Rolls
But the price on that muthafucka ain't that low
Guaranteed that I'll bang that fo'
If your fuckin with the dude
Big shout from Cash Money RecordsFuck You

[Chorus x8]
Fuck youfuck you niggamuthafuck you

[Mannie Fresh]
Chainsninesguns that's us
The slogan is "we will bust"
The rules our this our size
Cross it young nigga and you will die
Pumpsride gunseven 25's
Cash Money got thisdon't even try it
Stay where you fromdon't bring no static
If notthen semi-automatic
This is the paybackpussy bitch stay back
Fuck youyo' mamayo' daddy and where you lay at
What's beefbeef is when you fuck with us
Guaranteed to lay yo' ass up under the bus
There's no one quickerthan a hot boy nigga
That'll get you with the knifeor pow with the trigger
There's no one keanerwith the chrome Sarafina
Murder ain't nuttin' but a misdemeanor

[Chorus x4]

Fo' sho' nigga
I'm gon' ride 'round my city and stunt my shit
If a nigga don't like it they can suck my dick
I got a BentleyJagRollsFerrari
Lambo' with no top I'm gon' ride tomorrow
Fuck a cutlessregalsand rams V-12
Gotta have somethin fast just to get out them jams
Got a big ass crib with a flow lil fuck
Got a roof all glass and that bitch split up
Got a house built look like a Mercedes booth
Ferrari sofa set with the Lambo' wrench room
Leskitted up kitchen set and Rolls Royce wall
Jaguar floors and fuck all yall
BMW lightsprojectors to watch fights
Caddilac Benzwhite fox for threads
Chin cheddar for Chi towerain't that crazy
I don't give a fuck homiethat's how I play it
Refridge designed like a Lexus with legs
In the fridgeit's quarters to replace the eggs
From meFreshand Weezy fuck what they say
I'm Cash Money stunna nigga and that's how I play it

[Chorus x8]


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