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Artist :Wu-Tang Clan
Album :Wu-Tang Forever (Disc One)
Title :


Intro: Roxanne

It's Wu motherfuckersah Wu-Tang motherfuckers (3X)
It's Wuah goin on

Verse One: The Genius/GZA

Reuniteddouble LPwe're all excited
Struck a match to the undergroundindustry ignited
from metaphorical parables to fertilize the Earth
Wicked niggaz cometry to burglarize the turf
Scattin off soft-ass beats them niggaz rap happily
Tragicallythat styledeter-iaterapidly
Uncompleted missionsthrowin your best known compositions
You couldn't add it upif you mastered addition
Where I come fromgettin visual is habitual
De-mon-strate walkin on hot coalin rituals
I splash the paint on the wallit formed the mural
He took a looksaw the manifestation of itwas plural
Rhymin while impaireddart hit your garment
Pierced your internalstreamlined compartments
Just consider the unparallel advantage
Of a natural disaster that's impossible to manage

Verse Two: Ol Dirty Bastard/Osirus

Bitch ass niggaz counterfeit the funk
I smoke the bead and the skunktree top of the trunk
Moonshine drunken monkYaHEADget shrunk
The touch of skunkI be fuckin bitches by the chunk
my name blackdo words wanna play in my dirt?
Bitch stop my momma servefree lunch from the church
I come like a thousand doves
Bitch you quiet at the busmakin the fussI gots tough love
Unglove the newswatch a nigga transfuse
Dirty add to the fuseheavy at the booze
I don't walkI get carried
Gold and platinum frisbees on my walllookin properly
but come-lyI U.F.O. you Wright Brothers
The Indian that sold Manhattan to the white man
my grandfatherstep up and get knocked right the fuck out
Come to the cook-outDirty bitch at the mouth
You scared? Run around like a plane about to crash

*sound of a plane crashing and explosion*

[Roxanne] Wu-Tang motherfuckers (2X)
Yeah... and RZA

Verse Three: RZA

YoyoThe Riddlerfunny bone ticklerfreak Caligula
Bigger dick sex enigma pistol fertilize your stigma
Stinkboxorder from pink dot
MC's get stuck on ink blots as I plug to the sinkbox
Wu-Tang Incorp. take your brain on spacewalk
Talk strange like B-jorkgreat hero Jim Thorpe
How can I put it? Life is like video footage
Hard to editdirectorsthat never understood it
I'm too impulsivemy deadly corrosive dosage
attack when you least notice through explosive postage
I don't playthe rap souflee sautee for the day
Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig ALeg Leg Arm Head
Spread like plaguewe drink Hennessee by the jig
I got the golden egg plus the goose
Eighty proofAbsolutmixed with cranberry fruit juice
Ginseng boostI got yo' neck in a noose
Keep my money wrinkledthe rap star twinkle killer instinct
sixteen bar nickle sell more copies than Kinko
Grow like a fetus with no hands and feet to complete us
and we return like Jesuswhen the whole world need us

Verse Four: Method Man/Iron Lung

Is it appetite for destruction
Slap a murder rap on this productionI touch somethin trust nuttin
Iron Lung/Twisted Metal
I see em duckin my dart gunbustinfrom every angle
Worldwide total carnagethe sickest flow
that be code named Agent Orangekillin you slow
It's only right you pay homage
to those that's bout to blow like that shit up your nosesolid
as a rock when I strike targetver-bal
Be screamin on you like a drill sargeanther-bals
got me where I wanna be right nowdon't know the time
Check the hour on your sundialwatch me shine
Drunk off of cheap wine
Each line be on point when I speak mine
On behalf of my crewSUUUUUUUUUUUEnter the Wu
Thirty-Six more deadly Chambersto take you through

Outro: Roxanne

It's Wu motherfuckersWu-Tang motherfuckers (6X)

*violins play on for a while*

It's Wu motherfuckersWu-Tang motherfuckers (5X)

[Ol Dirty] Oh yeahhhhahhhaiyy yeahh yeahhhahh aiii
[Roxanne] And RZA...


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