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Artist :Wyclef Jean
Album :Masquerade
Title :


I'm sure you heard about my daddy [daddydaddydaddy]
This one goes out for anybody that lost somebody [daddydaddydaddy]
Be strong


Now I understand what Scarface ment when he said
I'd never seen a man cry
til I'd seen a man die
Never in my deepest thoughts that I would imagine
I would be the one carry a coffin
YoI feel like an orphan
Even though I got a mom
I'm the first bornso I gotta play strong
Memories of the past why would we crywhile we laugh
You make it hard dadfor me to finish right this paragraph
I'll remember while we all shove snow
Frost bites and all temperature 40 below
You used to call me lazy cause I said is was too cold
But you would go in the cribfix me a fresh cup of coco
I can't front I wish there was a sequel of the Sixt Sense
So I can see dead people
I'm so hurt dadI can't cry no more
But I know that you're knockin' on heaven's door

Rest in peace dad
For my people live on (live onlive onlive onlive on)
Rest in peace dad
[Daddydaddydaddy] [ooohhh yeah]

Lookin' to my eyes
Realize I'm the same man my father was
You all can tell about my pink cadillac
The way I clean my rock
But what I love most was when the [?]
[?] in this reality
keep the right mentality
don't fall in the vanity
sometimes I feel like you standin' watching over me
Whisperin' in my ear: "Baby boyI'm still here";
I heard em said I'm the shadow right beside you
and if it come feel sonI'm there to guide you
and even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I fear no evil
for the Lord is with me
But don't forget that your mom is in your hand
you two are so close
that I finally understand
and here's a message to your brothers and your sisters
I'mma missin' no matter whatI'mma be with them

To my dad rest in peace
I guess I see you at the resurrection
To all my people that lost somebody
But the light is in the air
[Daddydaddydaddy] [oh daddyoh daddy]
[Daddydaddydaddy] [oooohhh yeaaI need you daddy]
[Daddydaddydaddy] [oooohhh]
[Daddydaddydaddy] [daddy]


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