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Artist :Chantal Kreviazuk
Album :Under These Rocks & Stones
Title :

God Made Me

i'm jaded
and you're beautiful
i'm deluded
and envious of you
you're carin'
that i'm hurtin'
but i'm laughing
'cause i'm lyin'
and you believe what i say
to be true

this is the way
god made me!

no self-reliance
no social skills
you're confident
and you express yourself
so well
you're learned
degrees upon your wall
i'm jealous
no invitations to the ball

this is the way
god made me

no self esteem
you're picture perfect
you walk about so contented
the trees call out your name
you're clean and i'm so ignorant
i'm basic and i'm jaded
and my excuses are so lame

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