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Artist :George Strait
Album :Pure Country
Title :

Baby Your Baby

All you know it all lovers better heed some advice
If you抮e bad to your babyyou抎 better think twice.
Love don抰 come easylove ain抰 blind.
You抳e got to show her you love hermorning and night
Be there for her just to make things right.
Make her believe till there ain抰 a doubt in her mind.

Better baby your baby with a love that抯 strong
Hold her and tell her you£l never do wrong.
Better baby your Baby慶ause if you don抰
One day your baby£l be gone.

Don't let her get lonelydon抰 make her cry
Don抰 take her for granteddon抰 tell her a lie.
Bring her red roses when she抯 blue.
Give her the best of what you抳e got to give
You'll be together as long as you live
Better baby your Babyshe£l baby you.

Repeat Chorus

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