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Artist :Blaque
Album :Blaque
Title :


(Natina) Intro
Now see
This is the kind of jam
That should make every body get up
No matter where you are
Yea you and you and clap your hands
come on!

If you do for meI'll do for you
If you do for meI'll do for you x2

Verse1 (Brandi)
(hit me...)
Don't ever say that I don't love my man(no)
You just don't under stand
That he means the world to me (huh?)
He gives what I want and thats for sure
No need to say no more
'Cause I will do anything for you


Verse2 (Shamari)
(hit me...)
My baby says hes got it all the time
(I bet)
Won't let me spend a dime
'Cause he knows thats what I like(Natina laughs)
Don't ever have to worry about a thing (no)
And I don't feel no shame
Cause I will do anything Oh!


Verse3 (Natina)
You better know
Habetter know that N-A-T-I-N-A
Never done a song that wasn't a hit
Peter Pan couldn't even fly a track thats better than this
BrandiShamari she makin them sick
I don't want a prety boy I want a thug with class
In the middle of the hood drivin a space Benz
"Bring it All to Me" set in the deck on rewind
And they don't even touch
'Cause they scared the boy is mine
Common since why fix it if you know it ain't broke
Common since while roll it if you know I don't smoke
Even though you ain't cute it's 50/50
You do things I do things
For you you better know
Remix of I DO
Come on Hit Me!!

If you do for meI will do for you
If you do for meI will do for you
If you do for Me I will Do for you !
Do for Me

Yeayeayeayeayeah baby
Yeayeayeayea yeah x2


Bridge until end

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