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Artist :Blaque
Album :Blaque
Title :

Right Next to Me

VERSE1: I'm drowning without shallow watersand i'm trying so hard to reach the topsomething so purein the air to catchI can't see anything around me.

CHORUS: (haaaahaahaahaahaah(the breath of freedom) aahrelease me(the choice to change) aahaahaahaahaah(a new direction) release me( i feel so trapped) let me go.

VERSE2: As the sun rises to guide meI keep pretendingthere's nothing therenow i'm so deepnowere to goand i keep going downso down.

CHORUS: hahaahaahaahaah(i begin to see the person) release me(holding me) (instigating) (let it go) releaes me(let it go) hahaahaahaahaahaahaahrelease me.

BRIDGE: I can't fight ityeah(I can't fight it) and I won't deny it( I won't deny it) as time's gone bynononono (that it's mewho holds the key).

CHORUS: hahaahaahaahaahaahah(let me go) ooohrelease me(let me go) aahaahaahaahaahaahaahrelease merelease meyeahhahaahaahaahaahaahohoh. hahaahaahaahaah. hahaahaahaahaahaahaahohoh.

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