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Artist :Blaque
Album :Blaque
Title :

When the Last Tear Drop Falls

Laying in my bedhear the clock tick and think of you.
Caught up in circlesconfusion ain't nothing new.
Flashbackswarm nightsalmost left behind...suitcase memories..
Time after..
Sometimes I picture you
I'm walking to far aheadyou called to me...
I can't hear what you said...you said go slow...
I'll fall behind..the second hand unwind.


If your lost u can look and u will find me...Time after time
If you fall i will cathc youI'll be waiting...Time after time
If your lost you can look and u will find me...Time after time
If u fall I will catch uI'll be waiting (I'll be waiting) Time after time...

After my picture fades and darkness ahs turn to gray....
Watching through windows your wonderin if I'm ok...
Secrets stolen from deep inside... the drum beats out of time....

(Chorus 1)

You said go slow...I'll fall behind...The second hand unwind...


Time after time...(time after time)
Time after time...

(Repeat till fades)

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