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Artist :Blake Shelton
Album :The Dreamer
Title :


My brother said that I was rotton to the core
I was the youngest child so I got by with more
I geuss she was tired by the time I came along
She laugh until she cried I could do no wrong
and she would always save me because I was her baby

Worked a factory in Ohio
a shrimp boy in the bio
drove a truck in Birmingham
turn 21 in cincinatti
called home to mom and daddy
said your boy is now a man
she said I dont care if your 80
you'll always be my baby

She loved that photograph of our whole family
she'd always point us out for all her friends to see
That's Greg he's doin' great he really loves his job
and ronnie with his two kids how bout that wife he's got
and that ones kinda crazy but that one is my baby

gotta call in alabama to come on home to louisana
and come as fast as you fly
cause your moma really needs you
and says she's gotta see you
she might not make it through the night
the whole way I drove eighty
so that she could see her baby

my whole family had been weepin
by the time that I got to her side
and I know that se'd been takin
and my heart it was breakin'
I never got to say goodbye
I softly kissed that lady
and cried just like a baby

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