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Artist :Blackstreet
Album :Level II
Title :

Buy Me Love

Before I Let You Go
Heyhere comes Sherry
What's up with her and her homeboy?
Don't knowman
One minute they're kicking and one minute they're not
I know what it's gonna take
What? That one kiss goodnightthat's it

I let you gobefore I let you go
Can I get a kissgoodnightbaby (2)

Baby(rpt 11)

LatelyI've been thinking something's going wrong
'Cause you got an attitude
And you're not in the mood like you used to
GirlI can feel it when I hold you in my arms
The feeling is not the same
Can I be the one to blame?

don't wanna lose your lovemmm
I don't wanna say bye-byeoh no no

True love is so hard to find
And it's right between your lips and mineand mine
(rpt 11)

Turn the lights down low
Let's take it nice and slow
My mission is to keep you mine
Don't want this to be the last time
We make sweet love
BabyI know you feel ittoo
It's bigger than the both of us
There's one thing I'm so certain of
(rpt 2)

It's always the little thingsI remember
And I can't just let it slip away
Slip away (rpt 1)

Teddywon't you play the music for me
Teddywon't you play Backstreet side?
Baby I get so lonely
Baby my heart is broken sometimes
I need you right nowI don't...
I can't let you slip awayslip away
(rpt 1)
I don't see it being a problem
If I just get one little bitty kiss baby...
I just can't let you get awayoh yeah...
Lordhave mercy...
I don't want lose your sweet love
So don't say good-byesay good-night

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