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Artist :Blackstreet
Album :Finally
Title :

Hustler's Prayer

- My soul is so dirty
I've been hustlin' everyday
Now I know that I should pray
But I wonder if He hear what I'd say
I know my momma didn't raise me this way
But I gotta feed my family
If I could just make it through one more day
I could live the right way

Lordyou know it's been 12-15 years I've been in the game
The way I live this lifeforgive meI know it's a shame
But who'd a thought I'd make it this far
From all the brothers and others that I've lost
I know I'm fortunate not to be one of those souls you choose
And I'm sorry for the ones I sent
Down here is to live or diewhat was I suppose to do?
You know I wasn't quite ready
For this soul of mine to come before you

Repeat 1

I know I may not have been right but I've been fair
I guess that's why you saw it to keep me here
You must have somethin' better for me
Just give me a sign Lordplease show me
Just wanna thank you for the ones you've placed
I pray you watched over themcuz you watched over me
Until you clean us up Lordlike we should be
I know you will eventually

Repeat 1

Please watch over my babies and they mommastoo
Cuz they don't know what they daddy do
But this one thingI promise you
I won't let my seeds do the same thingtoo
Lordbless my mommayou know how much she means to me
Despite the way I liveI know she still loves me
She's up in churchcryin' and prayin' for me
And I'mma try to see her there on SundayI said maybe

Repeat 1

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