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Artist :Blackstreet
Album :Finally
Title :

I Got What You On

Can't let go cuz I got what you ongirl

BabyI'm hearing too much in the street
Things that are supposed to be
Kept between just you and mebaby
HoneyI'm sick and tired of all of this
I think it's time I handled it
Trippin'flippin'get down withbaby

I got you a drop-top Benz with the Buggy eye
Thought it was enough to keep it quiet
I guess I was wrong cuz you out tonight
Flossin' with your girlfriends
KimaPam and what's-her-name
Girlfriendsthey don't play the same
You don't know I got what you ongirl

- (Yoyo)
I never really thought you was a (Hoehoe)
That's not really the way I (Gogo)
Why you wanna play with my (Doughdough)
Why you wanna be with (Meme)
Girlwhy can't you (Seesee)
I can't let go cuz I got what you ongirl

Say that something's missin'
Tell me what you missin'
Say you need to flex and that's alright
But tell me where you was last night
Thinkin' with too much time on your hands
You surely meet the trouble
Or is this the way you spread thatoh girl
Is it like that?

Your actions too completely laxed and
I'm kickin' out the money when you want itbabe
You steppin' out again with your hair so right
Skirt so high then ya cried
You're out here runnin' like a dope fiend
Girlwhy can't you just see?
You don't need to go
Cuz I've got what you ongirl

Repeat 1

[Beanie Siegal]
I keep you properly styled in the latest shit
Praddacrocodile or gator's shit
Eyes poppin' out the Benzyou know the latest whip
Takin' you and your girlfriends shoppin' that player shit
Keep a pocket full of doughsafe full of stacks
Got a big fuckin' crib with a lake in the back
And that's yours to the wigwaitlemme take that back
Get outta lineand I'm takin' it back

I just copped a sixyou don't gotta car hop
I got a cellar full of Cris'you don't gotta bar hop
I got an indoor pool with a divin' board
My crib look like somethin' out The Rye Report
Laced youtwenty caratsten in each ear
I can take you places you ain't beennowhere
It could be gone tomorrowbut it's here today
Cuz I can play cowboy and take it all awayOK?

I can't believe my eyes that you're a (Hoehoe)
It's not really the way that I (Gogo)
Why you wanna play with my (Doughdough)

Why you can't be with (Meme)
Tell me why can't you (Seesee)
I can't let go cuz I got what you ongirl

Yeahtake it out (Hoehoe)
It's not the way I love youbaby (Nono you)
Why you take my (Doughdough)

Why can't you be with meme
Wellbabycan't you seesee
Can't let go cuz I got what you ongirl

We out

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