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Artist :Black Rob
Album :Life Story
Title :

Spanish Fly

[Black Rob]
Yo look clown I come through bully down
Keep thinkin that you hard take a look around
I got soldiers stationed up to bring pain
And when it go down my hoes do the same thing
We all in the same gamewe all willin to bang
Ain't nobody going against the grainso take aim
B.R.'s evasivecut all the facescatch all the casesthis real
You rather bet'cha life than face me
I mean I got this rap game locked with more cake than Tastee
Black the feindestthis title I hold I won't relinquish
And this type shit you shouldn't sting wish
And one phone call and I'll extinquishI mean this you seen this
Blue steel fo-fo the caliberExcaliburIm'a destroy my next challenger
B. Rob high post MCquick to spray Raid on the roach MC
So don't be apporachin me without the cross and rosary
Who this nigga 'pose to beI blast him in the open beef
Damn Blackhow you do that der?
'Cuz we..dont..careI'll take 'em there

Chorus: Jennifer Lopez

Last nightI dreamed of some more dough
Some crystalsixty thousandand ten dimes of 'dro (I'll take 'em there)
Last night I realized I'm dreaming
Too late nowguess I'll finish what I started baby

[Black Rob]
Y'all niggas heard the first verse no doubt shit bangin
Verse two make sure none of y'all left hangin
Got honies lovin this shit tooone wit'choo
Long as you know my pants don't fit'choo
Money good lookunderstand why he shook
Shit I'm richface all up in the Guiness Book
Checkall the records I setits major
Checkthat the sets I wreck with flavor
Fuck that cajunguns stay bond cock
?Boiler on lock? hold shit down like Fort Knox
Manknock the rhyme unorthadox
What'cha barely understandshit I deal with the L.O.X.
Give me the propsIm tryin set a mark this year
And bring the equipment out to the parks this year
So y'all could see how it used to be
I'm lookin towards the future see
Black here to stayits time y'all got used to me
Puff said Black ain't tryin to fit in
Up and down the coast can't count the spots I've been in
Put'cha bid in


[Black Rob]
I hit a ??? if my name was Teddy Bender
hot beats and hot rhymes tossed in a blenda'
I want ch'all to feel hardcorenothin tenda'
Blessed this mic for as long as I remember
Y'all can't see the Robuh-uhhy'all must be stupid
If I owe Shawn Combs any money then I recouped it
I looped itthis fly shit from ?Nebogada?
Me and Yogi and Hard Pierre from You Dont Know Me
I dare you to come against merun against me
Use your gun against meyou finitofinished
I've seen wild cats diminishedfoldin forBad Boy's known to ball
InternationallyI'm sayin actually
I have to be the next cat to go and sell a million records casually
Soprepare yourself for the stormNineteen-nine-nine its on
And I'm just gettin warm


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 Justin Bieber - One Love
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