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Artist :Billy Ray Cyrus
Album :Full Of Love
Title :

She's Not Cyring Anymore

She used to cry when I'd come home late
she couldn't buy the lies I told
All she wanted was to be needed
Someone that she could call her own
The love I know I took for granted
Untill she walked out of my door
too little too late to say I'm sorry
cuz she's not crying anymore


She's not crying anymore
She aint lonely any longer
There's a smile upon her face
A new love takes my place
she's not crying anymore

I hear she's really doing well now
She's picked herself up off the ground
I wasn't there when I was needed
But I was there to let her down
Sometimes you know I feel so furious
IF I knew then what I know now
Another tear would never fall
cuz I'd give our love my all
if we could work things out some how

(Repeat twice)

There's a smile upon her face...she's not crying anymore!!

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