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Artist :Billy Gilman
Album :Dare To Dream
Title :

Some Things I Know

There's some things I know to be true snow
is white and the ocean is blue. Rain is wet
when it falls from the sky and the stars come
out every night. Just as sure as the sun will
risethis love is real you see in my eyes.
Plant a seed and it will grow some things I know.

There's some things in life I need water to drink
air to breath a place to rest when I need sleep.
When I'm hungry food to eat. As sure as I need
the Lord abovethats how much I need her love.
And I need shelter from the cold some things I know.

Theres some things in life I want to be thankful
for all I've got. A friend to talk with. A hand to hold.
To still be young when I grow oldand I want all
my dreams to come trueand I want to share
them all with you. And I just had to tell you so
some things I know. Ooh I just had to tell you
so theres some things I know.

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