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Artist :Bilal
Album :1st Born Second
Title :

You Are

I found you wearing satin
The shade of ebony
In the silence of my dreams
You kept me company
On this secluded island
Our bodies seem to melt
IntoxicatingOverwhelming Intensity

You're the one my hearts been waiting for
No less than everything and nothing more
Until the end of time I feel a dawn?
U baby u r allu r all.

I sketch u 2 observe ua smeared reality
Now u're draped in chocolatetasty opportunityto place utake time to
Rest u on some mantel pieceignite utake time toand everything in between


To me you read as clearly
It's like poetry-You've got me

With sexy smilesexy frownthose frowns
(those frowns.....do what you do)

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