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Artist :Big Brovaz
Title :

Favorite Things

buy me diamonds and rubiesi'm crazy bout bentleys.
gucci dresses and drop top compresses.
wine me and dine mebring those platinum rings
those are a few of our favourite things. x2

what i need is a gentlemanwho does the best he can.
there's a hope i havei want you to understand.
of course i want diamondsand expensive things
cos a girl gotta have her favourite things.

Oh that's what you like
Nice type of life
Platinum and ice
Not diamon ite
Well that's alright
You looking right
Ass kinda tight
Come spend the night
Role with the G
Oh we can B
Right you and me
Like fantasy
I'll make it real
So what the deal
Girl tell Randy just how you feel

(what you want)
i would like a man who wouldtake care of business
and still have the time totake me on a shopping spree.
what's mine is yoursand what's yours is mine.
with what we have lets put it together and we can shine.

i know what you want
and i got what you need
i believe you should be rolling with me.
i take you aroundout on the town
and show you the way that a baller gets down.
whenever you're ready
girl we can go now
an we can do things you don't even know how.
i know that you know that i'm feeling your style
so tell me what you do just to make you go wild

let me tell you bout D its all about
simplicityeasy to please
but i like expencive things
for me you can buy diamonds and pearls
Just some of the little things
I like in my world

So you like wining and dining and shining
Gliding and riding
Pushing them hot whips
Mummy come get with a real pimp
Its flossing Flawless honest
I'll make you a shopoholic
Buying you stuff until you vomit
Blowing chronichopping on it
Even if you didn't want it


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