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Artist :Big Brovaz
Title :

Takeing It Global

This is how the flow goes
The flow goes from my
head to my lips
From my lips to the mic
From the mic to the dat
From the dat to the
wax to the DJís
Then shit spreads like anthrax
Once itís popping ainít no
way you can stop that
We world wide global
like T-Mobile
Of course there gonna hate
cus we used to be local
Canít stay ghetto no more
that shitíll choke you
Gotta keep on moving like
we supposed to

Ahh youíre in trouble now
They done let us in the game
you better knuckle down
Cause word on the street
is our flow is the meanest
And somehow weíre able
to maintain a clean image
I heard your rhymes washed
up and your tunes finished
We popped up to lock shop
upwe mean business
Should I send condolences
or best wishes?
They said they were making
hitsall I heard was misses

Chorus x 2

Around the world we go
You canít stop us no
You heard the flow now
you know Big Bro
Taking it global

SSh! We bout to
cre-e-eep up on em
Step up on embetter run course
BB coming looking stunningooh
I bet you never knew my crew be doing what we doing
donít you screw
Cause now weíre moving...So
You better believe Big Bro are going top of the league cause
weíre so cold
People try holding us back
but weíre gonna let go
This operations bout to
get on the wayYeah
Said we moving like a
hurricanestep out this lane
Are you ready? Eh oh oh oh
We gonna hit you with lyrical flow
Messages running
through your spinal
To let you knowits Big Bro
and weíre flying on wings
Taking us global


From London to Paris
from New York
To Cali were taking it global
Donít you now bout Big Bro
If you donít know then
now you know about us
Were travelling the Atlas
On our way we go
on a quest we leave the rest
behind us coz they can
catch up with the rest no

You u know we got it locked
from day one when we
showed up in the spot
The people like oh no! them dudes too hot we taking it worldwide
We just canít stop making you
rock making u drop like what
We set it off getting that
cheese Like ratís
And then when it comes we watch out 4 the cats cause in the slums
They hate it when we go global
Cos now u a worldwide mogul

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