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Artist :Beverley Knight
Album :The B-Funk
Title :

Goodbye Innocence

Written By Beverley Knight

Goodbye innocenceyou didn't stay too long
You were her havenher solace while she was young
But Fate decreed that fear would form her personality
And she would cry when daylight passedknowing that the night would bring

Goodbye innocenceyou made her happy
Goodbye innocenceyou saved her from pain
But you weren't enoughto break the heavy fall
Goodbye innocence

Now a womanher character's 'unclean'
Childhood haunts hershe's fighting the things unseen
A slave to memoryrelived as she sleeps
And freedom like the prisonerwhose fate is sealed by hate
Is a dream


If only she found a reason to trust somebody
She would find a friend in meo yes
SeeI can't take away the painthat she endured nonono
But I try to ease her misery


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