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Artist :Beverley Knight
Album :Who I Am
Title :

Same (As I Ever Was)

Written By Beverley Knight

Still got my fireI'm never cold
It burns within meIt's taken hold
Still finding mountainsI've yet to climb
I still get lonelyBut never mind

I'm the same
As I
As I ever was
The same
As I
As I ever was
True to the last word baby
Still making myself heard baby
I'm the same
I'm the same

Still got my familyOld friends of mine
I know they still will standThe test of time
Still feel my historyMy future too
Black gold and greenRed white and blue

Chorus (x2)

Still got my temple. Each curve and line
Those who can't get with thatAin't worth my time
Can't compromise noThat would be strange
I'm still that Aries ladyain't nothin' changed

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