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Artist :Beverley Knight
Album :Prodigal Sista
Title :

The Need Of You

Written By Knight/McIntosh (1998)

Would I wantwhat I gotwhat I need (x2)

I got a canvaspaint and brushes too
What I need is the memoryto paint a picture of you
Love at a distancemy world's torn in two
And nothingthat I gotcould ever compareto the need of you
To the need of you

I know the journeyI know the distance and the time
But what I need is you beside meto make my drive sublime
Love at a distancemy worlds torn in two
And nothing I got could ever compareto the need of you
To the need of you

Would I wantain't no little one time thing
What I gotis a bondafire love
What I needis to have you closer to me
Cuz all this spare and time it don't ease my mind no

What I wantis for you to remember me
What I gotis the fear that you won't
What I needis to bring our minds together
So we're synchronized when we fantasise ohlove at a distance
Oh babynothing that I got could ever compare to the need of you

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