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Artist :Beverley Knight
Album :Prodigal Sista
Title :

Sista Sista

ooohoh sistasista sista

sitting alone with her head full of empty thoughts
playing with time that she just doesn't have
dreaming that life is a stranger that brings you flowers
praying the dream is as real as she feels it is

dreams give you anything
knowing that chance could bring you to the other side
wanting her future therefeeling that love affaire
with the other side

sista sistabetter runbetter fly
better weather on the other side
sista sistastand up talldon't you ever fall
sista sistacan't you hear my call?

over the bridge turning right at the stop sign
lives a woman who thinks as you do
watching the world through the glair of a tv-screen
wondering what's round the corner for you

I would give anythinghoping that chance could bring me
to the other side
soon as my thoughts are clearone day I'll see you there
on the other side


sista sista sista sista sista
my sista

(repeat chorus till end)

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