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Artist :Benzino
Album :The Benzino Project
Title :


(feat. ScarfaceSnoop Dogg)

[Snoop Dogg]
Get money (Get that dough)
Get money (Get that dough)
Get money (Get that dough)
What what (Get that dough)
Get that dough (Get that dough)
Get that dough (Get that dough)
Get that dough (Figadoh)

Whatwhy? Wanna come test (what)
Sub-zerofreeze all from chest (what)
Benzino got bitches that love to undress
Masterpiece invisiblethug irresistable (thug)
Made Man invincible (thug)
Collect my residuals (thug)
Why you lookin so pitifuldon't you really know?
Every move we make is criticalyou knowI know
See yo'head crackedbang-osee dough
Benzinoblack Al Pacino
Fly to Renomeet T at casino (yeah)
All nightwe get head all night
Hold tightshorty rightdon't bite
This is how we do it in the Binguhh
WorldwideMade Menknah'mean

[Chorus - Benzino (Snoop) 2x]
Fi-ga-doh (Moneymoney) Figa-da-doh!
Fi-ga-doh (Moneymoney) Figa-da-doh!
You know me (Moneyhot) Figada-figada-figada
Get that dough (Doughhothot) Figada-doh

[Snoop Dogg]
Yo' strategysome pimp tragedy
It's Snoop Doggthe black James Caggedy
In agonyAgathaChristy
Aganamiss mepop the mo' with funk the Crissy
Is hegoin out his mind (yep)
I'morganized with mine (yep)
In rhyme cuz crimepays (yep)
Blaze the haze for days
For real Bya feel meya feel me
Andit's supremea few niggas on my team
Bonafide hustlers 'bout that cream
We'll cut a niggagut a niggashut a nigga up
For my paperI'll wet a nigga up
Did'ya hear me do' (Hear me do')
Ya feel me do' (Feel me do')
I'm live in stereo (Live in stereo)
Like a cherry-obury doughRobert De Ner-io
Snoopy D-O double bubblewith the whole bundle
Don't worry 'bout what one do

[Chorus 2x]

The suitswe pimp in tennis shoes
Fuck Cristalwhat the Henny do?
You smoke dope and weedblow 'dro
You got dough and we've got dough
We monster mashyou see me Ruff Ryde
You a nigga out herehate niggaswishin he was white
I'm the nigga out hear pullin up Excursions
Throwin dicks to dykesturnin out virgins
So fuck your coupeit's Scarface and Snoop
up in Bing-town snatchin bitches off the mini six-deuce
And sue dat damewith "Tru dat" game
Get her ass nakedand black-n-blue that thang
The news that came was the Made Men wattn't
But the paper was the influence and that's what done it
You cuff these hoeswe muff these hoes
You and Captain Save Ya Baby MotherFUCK these hoes

[Snoop Dogg]
Get that dough! Get that dough!
Get that dough! Get that dough!
Get that dough! Get that dough!

[Chorus - 4x w/ changing ad libs]

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