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Artist :Benzino
Album :The Benzino Project
Title :



Uh.......Hangmen 3 (Gangsta jugga)
Uh huh (Gangsta jugga) Uh huh yo
(Gangsta jugga)

Pray on it soberI'm just another step closer
Niggas'll ghost yafound out these'll hurt ya
Play it frank while I lay in the Beamlet the heat roast ya
I'm moralized street soliderI thought the streets told ya
Thug slash beat composerNights filled wit freaks and doser
Went from rags to richesdon't fuck with snitches
My Benz keeps the baddest bitcheshuggin the block
Hollow tips sluggin the glockhollerin "Who let the thug in the spot"
BENZINO!!!!!! (Bitchesclipsguns) Black outinhale blow it back out [deep breathin]
Take shorty to the 'Tel blow her back out
And y'all motherfuckers better not act out
I go the cash routeplus bet on mash out
Burn rubber and leave you niggas assed out


(iaaaaaaaahaha iaaahahahahaa) Chief rockerwhole tribe flooded out
He don't know you better tell your man cut it out
I'm workin with a short fuse you can't put it out
Big moneybig guns that's what I'm about
...Deep concentrationI'm at a level that niggas can't get to
Grab a shovelbig meat you might get through
I'm gangsta part gorillapart pit bull
I never start a situation that I can't finish
In other words this dog means business
Trendsettersimple and planthe first in rap music wit a crew on his chain
Still do it for my men behind barsLIFERS
From Wallpoles to Ricardspush Benz's befo I got my license
And I'm coming for them belts like Tyson
We vulturesstreet bredking cobras
Keep focussmoke weedsip Coronas
Spit chorusbitches can't ignore us
The saga endsyou can't do nothing for us


(iaaaaahahahaa iaaahahahaa) [Scratching]
Most dangerous
Benzino is m-m-most dangerousmost violent...
most dangerousBenzino is m-m-most dangerousmost violent...
most dangerousBenzino is m-m-most dangerousmost violent.....................
Dro in a blunt twist it upput four in your gut twist you up
You ain't heard not guilty's the verdict [the verdict echoes]

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