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Artist :Benzino
Album :The Benzino Project
Title :

Who Is Benzino?

(feat. P. Diddy)

[Benzino talking softly]
Niggas wanna try and live my life and
Bitches wanna try and run my life and (As we proceed!)
Haters wanna try and take my life and (haBenzino)

Niggas wanna try and live my life and
Bitches wanna try and run my life and
Haters wanna try and take my life and
God! Do you really want my life then?

Dot hit me with the trackDiddy keep it gangsta
When in the citycrime sceneno answer
Who's Benzino? Who the fuck's Benzino?
Matta-factget'cha facts straight (Say whaaat?!)
Nino Brown without the high fate
O-Dog without the ONigga you don't know?
Sonny ColeonGodfather get loose
Bulletproofmade it through the toll booth
I don't know if you niggas want the whole truth
Stay strapped even in the vocal booth
Rob reportpage 3-5-7
Ray hang 'em highdetails at eleven

[Hook 2x]

Do you really wanna hold spots downhome town Bost-town
Victim of 'stancewe dance with four pound
Spit thug soundy'all know how thugs sound
Can't touch clownsslow slugs down
O.G.'s raised mebaby G's praise me
Since I'm a Grep 3 'til I'm swazy
Y'all cats fugazimy shit's crazy
Niggas can't faze me (You can't take) what God gave me
Game stayed on top of - Fame played a part of
Changemade a lot of - Flame in the hearts of
Men I'm a Made one - FriendsI don't need none
Play it by the rulestook someleft some
Once was behind barsnow I'm a All Star
I'm florid idoltakin all titles
Whole family 'spect itwhole fam connected
Fuck off the hookmy shit's disconnected

[Benzino softly speaking Hook]

[P. Diddy over Benzino]
Ohsee this is the shit I'm talkin 'bout
'Stead of a nigga doin himhe tryna do me
and stop me from doin mefeel me?

Stress got me smokin blunts like they're cigarettes
Don't forgetnickel nine leave you soakin wet
Negotiate deals via cellphone
Do shows outta townbring dollars home
Spread love throughout my hoodmy hood love me
Lemme give you some advicedon't never trust me
You gonna pay the price if you ever fuck me
It's like rollin diceif you try an' duck me
Who's Benzino? Know the whole world know
People always scared of shit that they don't know
Dispite the factsstill hereof course
Fuck "Five Mics" motherfuckerI'm The Source

[Hook 3x]

[Benzino talking (P. Diddy)]
Yeahnow what(what) now what'chu sayin now (Yea)
Huh? You don't really wanna
How you feelin about this now?
HuhHuh? (As we proceed!)
What'chu got to say about this? Huh?
You got somethin to sayabout everything else
What'chu got to say about this right here? (What'chu got to say?)
Huh? You can't say shit about this!
Huh? You just gotta keep your fuckin mouth shut!!

[P. Diddy talking]
You need to stop doin meand do you - you feel me?
It's a simple thoughthaha
Sometimes you have your mind so preoccupied on a motherfucker
you can't even wake your ass up
You too busy dreamin about me!
You motherfucker! I don't even know why I'm talkin to your punk-
Yaahhhit's some fuckin sissy shit even talkin about thisahh!

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