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Artist :Beenie Man
Album :Best Of Beenie Man
Title :

Ole Dawg

Old dogold doggydoggy dog 
Woah deh dehwoah..

Old dog like me 
We haffi have dem inna two's an three 
An everybody know wi wild already 
Believe you me 
We navle string cut under pum pum tree 


Verse 1: 
From mi see a gal whey look good 
Mi haffi fool har (an get whey mi want) 
Cause mi nuh live over Shortwood 
So mi haffi bounce har (mek she drop inna mi paw) 
A nuff gal mi a go pass through 
Like Patra (an di one Lady Saw) 
An mi deh hear bout di Oouch crew 
Whey have them gal (Xrated an raw) 
Dat mean we a go warn dem 
And we haffi get dem (An nuh tell mi sey mi caan) 
Cause mi nuh join the hol dung an tek (Dat a Rape) 
But if mi beg an mi get (thats great) 
Sometime mi preach but mi know (mi wi wait) 
Me is a yute man whey have plenty faith 


Verse 2: 
Wellmi believe ina sey man nuh fi watch nuh face 
Agony fi gwaan from gal dey pon base 
Woman fi get wine an gal fi get lace 
Doberman nuh have time fi waa-aa-aste 
Yuh know how mi a swear after Diana King 
Nadine Sutherland and Chevelle Franklin 
Mi want dem fi ride pon mi bulldog rhythm 
An lef di hol a dem alla sing 


Verse 3: 
How mi waan fi live mi mother tell mi sey mi caan 
Five six seven eight gal a whey mi waan 
One burner business a nuh me dat yaah 
Me's a bwoy wi slam all mi mother-in-law 
Think mi naw si-dung an watch how she roun 
A long time mi a notice how di leg dem brown 
Nuff night mi see har inna har mini night gown 
A line mi a line up fi lick out mi sound 


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