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Artist :Beenie Man
Album :Best Of Beenie Man
Title :

Silent Violence

Woa deh dehwhat they are picking up 
Di worl mash up 
Hea mi nuhyow 

Mi a nuh fag 
Mi a nuh bag 
Mi a nuh tzar 
Man a nuh hog 
Man a nuh tag 
Man a nuh star 
Mi naah nuh house 
Mi naah nuh land 
Mi naah nuh car 
Mi love mi 
God an mi naw 
Stay far 

Verse 1: 
Mi naw guh runmi naw guh hide 
Mi naw guh flee 
Mi naw guh fraid a yuh caw yuh nuh fraid a me 
But mi wi tek on yuh whole fambilybwoy 
Yuh think mi simple but nuh tek man fi stool 
Yuh want a ride guh get a donkey or a mule 
Yuh waan fi war when yuh nuh own yuh owna tool 
Man a dis an man a dat but yuh a fool 
A yah mi borna yah mi live an mi a stay 
An from mi little bit a yasso mi dey play 
An mi nuh see nuh bwoi fi mek mi run away 
Caw mi nuh punk bo yah an man nuh gay 


Verse 2: 
If yuh think a so a yasso now it dey 
A yah wi born an wi naw run away 
Wi well aware so man nuh mek outa clay 
Machine dey yah an wi naw ley ley 
But if yuh ever mek wi rise di machine 
Yuh haffi run when yuh hear steel a clean 
Because di thought a wi heart get mean 
An wi wi wipe out a housing scheme


Repeat Verse 1 


Repeat Verse 2

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