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Artist :Beenie Man
Title :

Ganja Farm

Bowy mi nuh know what a gwan
Tru me is a legal voter inna di country
Mi can talk
Mr. Prime Ministerwhat is happening in the country is not right
People a sufferman a dead fi hungry
Yuh wan go a Westmorland

People a suffer 'cause nuttin' naw gwan
Down inna Jamaica nuff pickney a bawn
Tell di government dem fi cool an keep calm
Unnuh louw di ganja farmunnuh louw fi ganja farm
Shotta deh a street a run di place warm
Don't want di youth dem fi bus nuh more corn
But how we a surive inna di drought an storm
Unnuh louw di ganja farmunnuh louw di ganja farm

Verse 1:
Come mek wi share up all a di land dem down a country
Mek wi tell all di youth dem fi go farm it
Come mek wi work it to the best of wi ability
Because mi tired an mi fed up wid poverty
So mi begging de police an di authority
Try nuh badda stop wi 'cause wi livity
Louw wi mek wi work an help wi self
And build up wi country 'cause devastation
And di riot naw go help wi

Verse 2:
Ganja figanja figanja fi bun
And money fimoney fimoney fi run
And povertypoverty haffi dun
Tell di soldier man demdo nuh cut it down
'Cause 10000 pound every load a Kingston
And mi ship itmi ship it to Belgium
Weh moneywey moneyweh money come
So mi know di shotta ago put down dem gun.

Verse 3:
If wi nuh try wi ago die unda di system
Only di poora class a people a victim
That's why wi mek up all wi mind fi gwan go try a ting
'Cause wi nuh like what a gwan an what is happening
So when mi farm up all mi garden and mi hustling
Yuh no bada try fi stop a youthnuh try pressure him
Louw him mek him guan go nyam a food inna di juggling
Because nobody nuh know di struggle dat yuh facing

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