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Artist :Beenie Man
Title :


This Is Ras Moses
DreadlocksWell Before One Selassi Words Shall
Pass Zion & Earth Shall Boom Like Ball
Tell Me Whey Di Hell A Gwaan A Dancehall

Verse 1

Inna 1957 Wen Tings Just a Settle Down
When A Near Independence & Selassi Never Come
Outa Back A Wall A Whey Di Bobo Camp Did Settle Down
Housing Sheme Did All A Build Up
Tings A Bulldozer Dung
Emmanuel Mek A Wall And A Bull Bay Di Man Tun
Whey Him Build A Di Bobo Camp & Everyone Was Welcome
Outa Marcus Garvey A Tun Him Eyes Pon Kingston 
Whey Him Build Di Bobo Camp & Everyman Was Welcome
Bobo Camp An Institution For The Old & Yound For Historical Fact 
Go Deh Go Siddom
Years Of Work Everything Overcome
Now Emmanuel DeadEverything Tumble Down
The Hill Divided In A Three 
Separated Bu Three Sons
MiddlesexPriest Donavan Rule The DAughters & The Sons 
Over SurreyPriest Lennon A Pure Fire Him Bun
Priest Mallard Gone A Prison fi Nearly Bun Di Hill Dung 
Right Now A One Million Bobo Deh A Jamdown


Sellasi Seh Before One A Him Word Shall Pass 
Heaven & Earth Shall Bun Up Like A Ball
Tell Mi Whey Di Hell A Gwaan A Dancehall
Build More Brisge & Bruck Dung All Wall (repeat)

Verce 2

Who A Di Prophet Fi Sellasi Army
Who Start The Dancehall Business 
Who Mek Brigadier Di General
So Mi Seh Hail King Sellasi & Nuh Exalt The Flag
How Some Bwoy Outta Road A Galang So Bad
A More Buff Baff A Cuss God 
Mi Siddown & Mi Wonda
Tell Dat To The Son & Dem Daughter 
But Mi Sing Alog


Verse 3

All People Whey Know Seh Man Affi Free
& Man Nuffi Go Round & Have Bad Mind Fi Other One 
Rasta Fi Know Dem Fi Live Togedda
& Fi Organise & Centralise
& Know Sey Everyman Will Be Strong In This Time
So Everyman Waan Stand Up Pon A Next Man Foot 
Why A Next Man Cyan Help A Next Man Which Is Down 
Meck Mi Tell Yuh Something Man 
If Yuh Bredda A Say Something Wrong 
An' Yuh See Day You Can Change Him
It's Up To You To Teach Him That He Can Learn 
To Say The Right In Three Times 
So Let's Cut Out All The Fight & Bad Mind Living 
& Everyone Sing 


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