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Artist :Beanie Sigel
Album :The Truth
Title :


I speak the truth
Truthnothin but the truth
Y'all know what I bring to the game I speak the truth
The truthnothing but the truth

[Beanie Mac]
I hope you got an extra mic and a fire proof booth
Cuz you know I'm known to metal wire too
You need a fire engineer when I lay this blaze
I melt down cracks that's real to save
Hit the studiojars of drobars to blow
B. Sigel with that arsenic flow
Fuck thatdon't hold me back
I roll with cracky'all cats told Mac to rap
Y'all don't realize y'all released the beast untame
Speech all flamestreets y'all blame
It should be an honor for y'all to speak my name
I could go before your honor sit and peep my game
Gotta laughy'all acted like it spit it the same
Why you motherfuckers can't get in the game
I come from high schooland go straight to the league
Who you know who can spit at the Sig

Nigga the truthevery time I step in the booth
I speak the truthy'all know what I'm bringing to you
I bring the truthyou motherfuckers know who I be
I be the truthwhen I speak cell set you free
Nigga the truth

[Beanie Mac]
Aint nothin changed with Sig I'm still stuck in the kitchen
So what I'm signedthat's fine still stuck in position
You motherfuckers know me wellcouple court cases from jail
Couple 4-4 shells from hell
Stuck on this missiongo homemy girl fussin and bitchin
Motherfucker won't you change your lifeI'm thinkin
Motherfucker won't I change my wife
Ignorant bastard laughin like fuck the rap shit
It's just another hustleanother way for niggas to touch you
Now they know the face of Beans
Now theysee my face on screens and I aint even chase this dream
I feel sorry for those who did
Y'all niggas can't stop the boarwhether rock or raw
I'm slingin coke in a rock valor
You niggas know what block I'm onglock in palm
You wanna get shotkarate chopped or stabbed this song


[Beanie Mac]
Black Friday managementand Roc's the label
And I still hit you niggas with shots that's fatal
That bullshit vest can't save you
I had a doc open you up from chest to navel
See my face on cableand have flashbacks of that cold ass table
And them hoes I gave you
I'm that nigga that'll come and pour salt in your wound
At the hospitalwhile the cops guardin your room
You gotta see what I've seenlook where I've looked
Touch what I've reachedand take what I've took
You gotta go where I've gonewalked where I've walked
To get where I'm at to speak what I've talked
You gotta lay where I've laidstay where I've stayed
Play where I've played to make what I've made
You gotta move what I've moveduse what I used
Use tools how I useuse fools how I use


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