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Artist :Beanie Sigel
Album :The Truth
Title :

Raw and Uncut

(Beanie Sigel)
Spit what man
Man I don't know where that shit be comin from dawg for real
Ain't no fuckin rapper man
I don't know jay
If you don't believe me then..

Who you know who can spit till he pop the real
Never thought about rappin till he coped his deal
I really held down my block for real
All I do is crack rock and how to pop the steel
How to box niggas in where they can barely move
Roll wit straight thugs never scary dudes
Keep bodies on them guns and we share our tools
Duece 1 ball for philly like Larry Hughes
Keep the desert eagle wit the beam tucked by the scrotum
Get locked in jail run a block sell open
Mind went to jail I get dro el's roll em
Bookie nigga clippin niggas like L odom
I got dough I choose not to spend it
Catch me in avis &budget in somethin rented
Long as the windows tented (I don't give a fuck)
I'm in it
I was holdin wit music rollin in the gold infinite

(chorus: Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel)

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