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Artist :Beanie Sigel
Album :The Reason
Title :

Beanie (Mack Bitch)

You know my namebitch
Uhh.. yeah.. hold up
The streets gave me heatand the Eagle was the thing that they gave me
It's the rap guerilla that still clap.. fucka
Yeahguess who's back?

[Verse 1]
Mackbitch - I move blocks and pounds
I move out with small blocks from towns
Move out with small glocks and pounds (uh-huh)
And I take everything to the table bag and rock it down
Fuck who watchin now; the neighborsthey in pocket now
Fuck you haters cop some pocket now
When it come to coke you cant outwit memine cheap
Bout to take over the city of Philly like John Street
Nigga ask all y'all fiendsthey call me Chef Boyar-Beans
Beanie Crockercook coke proper
Right amount of flour siffin it up
Coke spots runnin by the hour shiftin it up
Graveyard shiftsmove packs in bundles
Braveheart kidsuse gats don't rumble
Gorilla niggaz goin ape in this concrete jungle
Banana clips'll make them monkeys humble

BEANIEEEEEEEE! Sigel was the name that they gave me
BEANIEEEEEEEE! Sigel was the name that they gave me
BEANIEEEBEANIEEE - Sigel was the name that they gave me
BEANIEEEEEEEE! Yeahbut guess who back

[Verse 2]
It's Mackbitch - uh-huhback in the mix or the scuffle
I'm in the hood with them chips like Ruffles
BoxmanFrito Layfor that free dough boxin
You will laynigga I'm not playin
Listenwhether I make cash or take cash
I'm in the hood eatin with my dog like when we break-fast
B's on the hood and the wheel and the brake pad
Sheeit when I skate pastbitches shake ass
I sit four-thirty deep in wheels
You boutfour-thirty cheap in wheels - small Benz
Look at your small rimssmall wheelsmall grill
Big Beanssittin in Bentley my heart peels
Zero to sixty so quickly how you want it? You can have it
Drop topstick shiftautomatic
Back wheels still smokin
still rolling3 wheel motionit's ferocious


[Verse 3]
On the low doe (shh!) the whole city is mine
I'm trying to flood the whole city with dimes (yeah)
I'm in the kitchen yeahwith that vision wear
Get them digits clear you can come and get them pigeons here
Niggaz talk about the crack game slowed upBULLSHIT
You switch to hustle when the rap game showed up (uh-huh)
While you wastin your time spittin the rhymes
I'm gettin mine spittin them rhymesbut still pitchin them dimes
And the spot still sick with da grime
Glock 26 nigga but I'm sicker than nine
I'm live with the poundsmall silencer calmin the sound
Stick with the sevenstrickly smith with the seven (shit)
When I drop back and cock back
And pop thatI'm poppin for keeps -
I'm not gettin stopped in the streets
Imagine that a nigga tryin to rock Mack
Only nigga did it was Jay and he did it when I signed the contract

[Chorus - 2X]

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