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Artist :Beanie Sigel
Album :The Reason
Title :

Still Got Love For You

(feat. Jay-Z and Rell)

For the record y'all.. uh-huh..
I know you hear me.. for the record y'all..

[Beanie Sigel]
_Dynasty_ albumtrack 16listeners fret
I can't take back that sixteen
Shit the truth spokeI gotta give the world true quotes
Can you feel it? I know the truth hurts
They say"How can he disrespect his pop with harsh curses?"
Simple - harsh lifeharsh verses
"I can't believe the mouth of this prick
He said put his mouth on his dick"
I know we gotta talk bout thatI know you salt bout that
You on the tip like I don't like you
I got four kidsthree baby mothersI'm just like you
Sometimes I wanted to just fight youshit
Swing on you - think I'm playin manI'm just like you
I was a kid with a puzzle
with missing pieces tryin to put it together dawgyou put it together
You made me have to foot through the weather
in the storm with no raincoat
I don't only speak on meI speak upon the kids in the same boat
Ridin the same watersame situation
Same fatherless daughter - I hate youthat's in your mind
Don't get caught up in the rhyme
You think I dissed you nowthat I don't miss you now
Don't be a hater nowbe glad I made it now
I know I probably rubbed you the wrong way
But fuck what the song sayfor the recordcheck it

[Chorus: Rell]
Still got love for youthough you left me in the cold
To face this world aloneand make it on my own
I still got love for youbut I just can't fight the pain
It's so hard not to hatebut you grow up in a way

I think you misunderstood me the first time..
Listen - that was my hurt in my heart talkinalong with the truth
I would thirst often as a youth cause of you the person
Moms nursin self-esteem issues
Round the house it's hard to find a clean tissueminus her tears
To rewind this time I promise I minused my years
to the day to take the pain away
Seemed sunny outsidealways rained on Jay
Pop you my umbrellacome help your son with the weather
Soon we come together like man and man and build
Play spacecards face upI've come to deal
In order to get right we gotta deal with this wrong
And the pain I felt all my life you feel in the song
Your lack of warmth left a chill in the morn'
Your lack of loveleft me lovelessand I'm of your breath
I'm your mind body and soulyour heartyour flesh
Your alcoholyour smokein results I'm a mess
And dadstill I love you no less dad
Hope you didn't think success would make me less mad
But not madjust dissapointed - we wasted years
I swear to Godmay you take me away from here
If you taught me anything
The one thing you taught me is to face my fearscoward
How could you let me grow without you?
Grind in this rap gametake dough without you?
Wear my Pro Keds close to the sole/soul without you?
Family pictures pose without you - WHY?! ..
Why shouldn't I be mad?
Monster's parents seperatedMonster had his dad
These parents had they problemshe still came to the pad
He bought 'em new bikesimagine what that felt like
Used to have to butt my head to go to sleep at night
Nigga you did me wrong but the love is stronglet's move on

[Chorus - 2X]

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