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Artist :Beanie Sigel
Album :The Reason
Title :

What Your Life Like 2

C'mon let's try this Guru..

[Beanie Sigel]
When I was five years oldI realized it was a road
But at the endI ain't seen lots of pots of gold
I seen a long cell blockthe boxthe hold
Six hundred fenced in - some innocentsome rotten souls
Some men with men - stop itwhoa
I ain't runnin up in shit but a broad on her back
Tryin to cop a small hammermove out like +Shawshank+
with +Redemptions+I got my mind on revenges
They tryin to kill me at the same time keep me alive
I'm movin out like Adebisi on +Oz+
With my skully on tilttwo whacks in my palm
Posted up in the yardeveryday I think of pokin the guard
Throw a crack a nigga turnin me in
Tryin to crack a nigga turnin me thin
Food soakin in lardnews fools get opened in cards
with (??)in this prison lifewhat you livin like?

Can you tell me what you live like?
Can you tell me what that bed likewhat's that cell like?
What's livin in hell like? Tell me do you eat right?
Do you even sleep right?
Yotell me what your life like
Tell me do you sleep nightstell me what that life like?
Gettin no kites likeno flicks like
Make you wanna quit life

[Beanie Sigel]
Them four letters is a motherfucker
That's forever like a motherfucker
Without a letter from a motherfucker?
It ain't even bout the cheddar from a motherfucker
Write a kitesome flicks from a motherfucker
Some drawerssome sockssome kicks from a motherfucker
I can't believe I'm doin this bid for you motherfuckers
I'm down for another joker case
I was dealt this handand I'ma play it with my poker face
On the block ready to POKE a face
I got an L goin around with a smokin case?
You steal the deoderant out of CVSyou locked for retail theft
I got it body half a block stolen DT vest
My rap sheet read three D abreast
Dangerousduct tape daughters
I take to the streetlike a duck take to water
Get your duck game in order
My bust game in orderI fluffs 'caine with water


[Beanie Sigel]
That's fucked upyou bout to take your longest trip
and can't do shitbut suck it upbe strong and shit
Handcuffedankle to wristin back of the bus
Flashbacks of you back in the world
Can't fuck now you thinkin bout who in back of your girl
Got her ass up (kill this bitch) playin your crib
Thinkin bout who raisin your kids
Shit was all good a week ago'fore they came and raided your crib
in the morningthey kick your door in
Feds pour insnatch you out your bed while you snorin
You unaware of what's goin on and
Come to find outclients you had for yearsturned to foreman
Told the law about the drops you make
How your clientele first started to escalate
Givin him keys to your cribwas your next mistake
At that dinner tablebreakin out that extra plate
You can't turn a career addict off his coke habit
Put him on post with the toast that promote static
Back to the operationthey got you locked at the station
Fuck your back timeyou worryin about what you facin
Heart racinsituation gettin scary
Old clients are showin upat the preliminary
D.A. tryin to bury a nigga to Neveruary31st
God damnthat gotta hurt

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