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Artist :Beach Boys
Album :Surfer Girl
Title :

South Bay Surfer

Ohwe sailed on the sloop John B.
My Grandfather and me.
Round Nassau-town we did roam.
Drinking all night
We got in a fight
I feel so break up
I want to go home.

Sohoist up the John B. sails
See how the mainsílís set;
Send for the capín ashorelemme go home!
Lemme go home! Lemme go home!

The firstmate he got drunk
break up the peoples trunk
Constable come aboard and take him away
Mr. Johnstoneplease let me alone
I feel so break-upI want to go home.

The poor cook he gots fits
Throw Ďway all the grits
Then he took and eat up all oí my corn
Lemme go homeI want to go home!
This is the worst tripsince I been born!

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