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Artist :Beach Boys
Album :Smile
Title :

Heroes And Villains

I've been in this town so long that back in the city
I've been taken for lost and gone and unknown for a longlong time.
Fell in love years ago with an innocent girl
From the Spanish and Indian home home of the heroes and villains.

Once at nightCatillian squared the fight
And she was right in the rain of the bullets that eventually brought her
But she's still dancing in the nightunafraid
Of what a dude'll do in a town full of heroes and villains.

Heroes and villainsjust see what you've done
Heroes and villainsjust see what you've done

Stand or fallI know there shall be peace in the valley
And it's all an affair of my life with the heroes and villains.

In the cantinamargaritas keep the spirit high.
There I watched hershe spun around and wound in the warmth
Her body fanned the flame of the dance.
DanceMargaritadon't you know that I'm in love with you
You're under arrest!

My children were raisedyou know they suddenly rise.
They started slowlong agohead-to-toehealthywealthyand often wise.
At three-score and fiveI'm very much alive.
I've still got the jive to survive with the heroes and villains.

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