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Artist :Barry Manilow
Album :Live
Title :

Studio Musician

I am a studio musician
We've never met
But you know me well.

I am the English horn
Who plays the poignant counterline
Upon the song you heard
While making love in some hotel.

I am a part of you
I've never tried for fame
You'll never know my name.

I am the strings that enter softly
Or three guitars
That glitter gold.

I am the thousand trumpet lines
That were an afterthought
Intended as a way
To get a dying record sold.

I never ride the road
I never play around
I play what they set down.

I'm a working musician
Living from week to week
I'm the voice through which empty men try to speak.

A studio musician
Blowin' the chance I seek.

And when the woodwind cushion rises
I start to dream
On a low brass bed

But I awake to horns
The drummer calls to me
We're up to letter D.

I'm a man of the moment
Pop is my stock and trade
Singlesjinglesand demos
Conveniently made.

A studio musician
Whose music will die unplayed.

A studio musician
Whose music could have died unplayed.

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