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Artist :Barry Manilow
Album :Swing Street
Title :

Swing Street

It's raining down sorrow and nothing but bad news
You know I've had it up to here

living with these blues
But I won't let it get me down

it's not the only game in town
In my mindI'm goin to Swing Street

I'm a dreamer on a rough road
And I need to hear the music once again
When there's nothing but bad news

I've got a way to beat the blues
I close my eyesand I go to Swing Street

We can dance therethere's a chance there
Of finding a little romance there
You don't know who you'll meet
When you're down on Swing Street

Lose your blues in a minute
Cop a groove and you're in it
I'm tellin you onceI'm tellin you twice
Better take my advice

If you're weepin and you're wailin'
I've got a cure to fix exactly what is ailin
Count to four and grab my hand

say I'll meet you by the band
You and Iwe're goin' to Swing Street

Give yourself to the rhythm
And every wrong is forgiven
You may even lose the bluest of blues
Get back on your feet

When your best friends turn to strangers
And one more workin' day

don't seem worth all the changes
Just reach out and take my hand

and I'll meet you by the band
You and Iwe're goin' to Swing Street
Yes you and Iwe're going to go

to Swing Street YEAH!

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