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Artist :Akinyele
Album :Vagina Diner
Title :

30 Days

I never did timecommitted mad crime
Only paid rhymesbut now niggaz drop dimes
Harmonizin on a homicide rap
Singin in the precincttryin to catch an R&B contract
Now they hit me with a one to THREEpersonal-LY
conspira-CYit don't mean shit to ME
The time will go fastbecause I'm true blue
On the DLback homeI got a stash for Ma Duke
I stack razor blades in my shoe
Niggaz threaten to kill the Akif I ever come through
And I'm doin 30 more daysin this steel cage
Locked down with men that go both ways
But gays ain't gon' grease me
My razor blade say O.P.P.niggaz in P.C. gon' know me
I'm not the everyday herb
Actions speak louder than wordsso step to the verb
Fuck a pro-nounI get down for my crown
Pass the three-poundshow it to King Clownand watch him lounge
You know the whole PHASE
I'm about to go through the government's MAZE
in about 30 days

You know my nameno shame in my game
Best to fly the kid champagne from Spain
About to go into push a BIDfor wrongs I done DID
Goin away party at the CRIB
Me and my friends gonna get together
I didn't think jail could everI learned to never say never
but now we just gonna party.. party..
Shitfiesta.. for-ever..
Gun ? up on my floor
All my peeps know they got to keep they damn guns at the door
Don't wanna get hitwith a bulletmeanin a year time in jail
if you can'tcomprehendwith the slang friend
All you dodon't act like nuts
It don't make no sense for the whole crewto get locked up
Bad enough I have to go in yo
But when the shit hit the fandebris' gotta blow
Windy daysbut ain't nothin changed but the weather
While I'm locked downthe thugs'll write me no love letters
That's for queerscouple of years
later gatorbut hold all them crocodile tears
Because it ain't like I'm dyin
You see I'm not marked for deathso stop the bloodclot cryin
This ain't The Wizard of Oz where I can tap my heels and go for it
I take it slowcause I'll be home before you know it
I'm comin through like X-rays
in approximatelythe next 30 days

But if you think I'm tryin to skip town
You best to purchase a hearing aid and ask yourself how that sound
I'm not tryin to jump bailcause that's the dough
that I'ma use to flip up the new connectsthat I meet in jail
Politicians they all know dis
Every now and then they visit a snitchwho helped em get rich
Yeah part of the government's plan
Lock down the man who stack grandsput him in the hand of Uncle Sam
This the stuffyou can't trust for 30 days
I'm on a bus with niggaz that fuss over tight handcuffs
And while I'm insideI take in stride
Livin in prisonstool pigeons know that time don't fly
Days go bynight gets darkerbut I'm a New York
Whalin on your ass like Orca
Not the Avon Ladystay up out my face
It only take a shoelacefor a nigga to catch a new case
You get done in different ways
I'm headed for the cage
within the next 30 days

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