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Artist :Air Supply
Album :News From Nowhere
Title :

Heart Of The Rose

(Graham Russell)

A long time agofrom the valley of the sun
Came the holy power
When the gods were one
Searching for a new home
Searching for this land
Guided by the starsand a vision they had seen
The pillars of the temple
In these hills of green
Buried deep inside for only us to find

It is the roar of the wind
The power of the sun
The strength of a thousand bows
And those who near it againwill fear it again
And it's here in the heart of the rose
Painted in the sky was the moment to awake
All that lay within you
As this dawn should break
With this force awokennone can stand before
This is the hournow is the time
Driven by the purest loveI give you mine
All that we must beis everything we see

Our lovehas brought us both together
And it's our love that will go on forever
There is no love that can become as one
Before it's time

It is the trees in the earth
It is the rivers that run
And through us this secret flows
And now our destiny calls
You'll remember it all
Our love for the heart of the rose

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