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Artist :Air Supply
Title :

Crazy Love

When you are youngthe thought of the day is
kill some rhyme and how many ways to break the rules.
You laugh all the wayand grow up so fast that
everyone says this kind of life you live cannot last.
And you smile as it's going past.
Each morning arrivesand so much is new
you can't wait to share it all with someone just like you.
The telephone ringsand friends come around and talk to the night
You see the world start to singand the fire inside you begins.

There's nothing like crazy lovethere's nothing at all
Watching timeall the things that you need so much
You can't explain the joy and pain of crazy love

You live every dayas fast as it comes
And don't count the cost becausethere is no other way.
These times will changeand people must grow but
until you doyou live the only life that you know
And the wild fire lets you go.

There's nothing like crazy loveit comes and it goes
Leaving youwith a feeling you never knew
At first it lastsand then it;s pastit's crazy love.


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