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Artist :Ali
Album :Heavy Starch
Title :

Cool As Hell

(Chorus 2x)

(Murphy Lee)
Ay yo we hard-hittin always been cool as hell
I got them trees in my mirror so my car won't smell
Sittin round the house gettin blowed watchin the tube
Er-errything in my garage got on shoes

(Murphy Lee)
Ay yo I'm Murphy Lee the Beny Whipper
I got the one wit the deez on it
Only reason I got it cuz he didn't want it
fresh off the sideline with high rise
First Polo shine off the cover like a high time

It's like I wake up an' it's pourin'
Ladies was on us like Sean John
RimsTimbsand them Slims with the green
I don't chill I mantainsip the pain struggle bottle
Chiefin'You know gettin head from a model

I'm only gon' do what Kyjuan gon' do
Let's paint the Cutty blue
'72 lookin brand new on 20 inch shoes
inch greens big jeans I'm chiefin the green
Feelin like +Andre and Big Boi+ +So FreshSo clean+

I tell ya we gon make it happen while you look to the sky
It's the N-E-smoke to-L's dont ask me-Y
on the lyin don't pass me by
Paint like onions make a grown man cry

(Chorus 2x)

(Murphy Lee)
Ay yo my money like a Black Man March
Jeans Baggy and Starched
Vokal Sweater matchin the leather
In my third car not braggin
I'm just workin and saggin and laughin
That you haters that said it couldn't happen
It's goin down-downshit's official like referees
It consits of Labade with more Bills than Bellamy
You tellin me you're cooler than me cooler than me
Dirty Murphy Lee negative a hundred degrees

Foot on the Prowler you bail
Most of my heros don't appear on no stem
They came on the hemp and tryna put a clamp on this rap game
Baby girl where you goin whats happenin
You hop game picture perfect platinum frame
seater black seniorita face and flame
I'm in the G-shop khaki shortsK-swiss
College Boyin the winter rock courdordary

Interior so cocaine white I get popped from fiends
Three Fosgate 12's never pull up quiet like Mr. Bean
Know what I meanTic's on the teampost it up like Kareem
And got to put my hand on my chin to floss my rings
Ain't no K-weezyhas to cock like ada-beezyspin be easy
Oogin ohholdin it down believe me
It's feezy's of the heezyWe be in somebody's basement beats by Jason
And Gran call me Chris and Jason

You see that '88 SS Monte Carlo
Power locks and doors got to watch the road
Got a hundred forty four spoke down in the block hoes
Down the top goes I live a cost and pose
Cocked and 4 doors keep me costin hoes
Costin shows in my pockets costs is swole
Leavin Mosac in the club and in the hospital
Obstaclesjumpin over like starter fo gold
You know we...

(Chorus 2x)

(Murphy Lee)
It's like a movie especially when I move the E-S
Three-twenty with the espio ki's
Young Dude doin 90 and sported by police
We bread paint leather ravioli

Banana Republic the public gon love it
Still it downloadin and dubbin boo leggin is rugged
Wag it and dirty I'm with my dirty in the Bentley
Allah sent me to save souls don't tempt me I'm simply... (Cool as hell)

On the playstation got the room smellin amazin
What we blaze in purple haze taste and time wastin
Take cats out the hoodI take em' on a vacation
City to citywake up with somethin pretty wit tig ol' bitties

That nigga named Nel be cold as hell
Straight out the muthafuckin' STL
Chronic smoke inhale then exhale
Donuts an fishtails in the black CL
Cuz we...

(Chorus 2x)

Er-errything in my garage got on shoes

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