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Artist :Area 7
Title :

Skin Deep

Well he's the king of fashion in his neighborhood
With his ripped blue jeans and a flannel shirt.
His got a well kept mullet and a packet of smokes
And his mates will all tell ya he's a real top bloke.
Well his real name is Barrybut his mates call him Bazza.
And his girlfriend's name is Sharonbut you can just call her Shazza.
She's a real top Sheilaa real top sort
She'll even change your stubby while your watching sport.

But don't victimize him for his way of life
He's sick and tired of hearing people say...

Nobody likesnobody likesnobody likes a bogan.
Nobody likesnobody likesnobody likes a bogan.

He drives a VK Commodore with alloy wheels
With a home made spoiler made from crappy steel.
His got a pair of fluffy dice and all the other toys
But his No Fear sticker is his pride and joy.
On a Saturday night the boys hit the town.
Yeah they're cruising the streets with all their windows down.
They put on some Barnsey and they're on their way
You can hear the car coming from a mile away.

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