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Artist :Avant
Album :Ecstasy
Title :

Love School

Dadda Dadda Da Daaa
Baby Dadda Dadda Da Daaa
You’re my hopes my dreams my everything
You’re my sweat babe
Ohhh Ohhh Oh Oh Yeah
I wake up in a cold sweat (Why?)
Because I haven’t seen you yet
I normally see you in my dreams (dreams)
I thought I heard you speak
Waiting for the day to end
I’ll be staring at your 8x10
And as I lay me down to sleep (down to sleep)
It starts over again (yeah)
Do you know I spend all day all night (all day all night all night all day I think about you baby)
thinking bought you dreaming bought you
Do you know I spend most of my time wishing for you (yeah)
Don’t even know just how much that I am feeling you (I’m feeling you baby)
Don’t even know just how much that I’m in love with you (I’m in love with you )
Ohhhh Oh
When I see you in the streets (Why)
I play it off real cool
But when I get all alone (Why)
I feel like the fool
Remember in High School writing love notes
You know how the game goes check if you want me yes or no


Stone play on
Stone play on
Play on
It sounds so good to me Yeah oh Yeah
You feel how I feel
I’m so confused because
She don’t even notice me (Don’t even know)
Or do she really notice me (Or do she)
I’ve got to see how she feels
Cause baby (My baby) my love is real (love is real)
No one can understand the way (No one can do it) I feel about you baby (my lady)
You are my inspiration (You’re the one)
Before you I’ll never change it (My shun is shunnnnn)

Chorus in back ground while singing
Dreaming about you baby
You make me feel so good baby
Something is wrong
Cause your not with me in my home I’m all alone
Did you know you’re the only one I truly love
Did you know these words are from heaven above
Did you know you’re the one I want in my life
Did you know if I had the chance I would make you my wife
Dadda dadda da da (fade to end)

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