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Artist :Avant
Album :Ecstasy
Title :

Makin' Good Love

I'm doing this for all my ladies
I know you're thinking 'yo this sound like a lullaby right'
This is for youget into itit's true

I got your legs spread all over the bed
Hands clenched in the sheetshairwild as hell I know
The only thing on your mind is sexing me
Girl I can feel your temperature rising
You should feel my nature too
Come onit's gonna be a bumpy ride
Girl let's do what we came to do

Girl when we make love all night
When we make good love all night
When we make love all nightwe really make love (x2)

On the balconygripping the rails
SlowlyI'm pulling you near
Say 'shhh babe don't make too much noise'
There's a lot of peoples that live around here
Emotions running high
My hands planted on your thighs
You feel me going up and down
And around and around and around


Girl your drive wayin the back seat
Windows tintedit's getting deep
Fog all over the glassI don't know how long I can last
With you moaning crazygirl keep on calling me
I'll take you to ecstasy
And when I'm done you'll be fast asleep


The housethe boat and the jeep babe
In the tubin the pool or the beach babe
Get your groove onget your groove on (x2)


And I love the way it feels
Girl I love itwhen we're on the floor
Girl I love itwhen we're on the couch
Yes I love itwhen we're in the kitchen
Girl I love itwhen I'm downtown
Yes I love itwhen you go down
Girl I love itwhen you're all around
Yes I love itI love it baby
(When we're makin' good love)

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