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Artist :Avant
Album :Ecstasy
Title :

One Way Street

Verse 1:
Taking my clotheswalking out the door
Tired of your gamestired of your show
You want it your way
Always got something to say
As much as its hurting me
I'm on a one way street ( see me walking )

Walking onon a one way street
All alone on this one way street
Nowhere to go on this one way street
Tired of being lonely
( repeat chorus )

Verse 2: ( Charlie Wilson )
Whoo oh whoostopdont move
Man let me talk to you
There's rules to the game( the game )
What you do comes back to you
You better better wait turn around
And put your bags back down
Your love runs too deep
And there ain't nothin' good on a one way street

Chorus:( Repeat 2x )
Bridge: ( Avant ) You see she hurt me ( Charlie ) But what did you do
( Avant ) I tried to be fair (Charlie) but you were never there
( Avant ) so I'm walking away (Charlie) Man you better stay
you got a good good girl dont you let her get awayno
(Avant) I tried my best to make it workI fed her candy she
fed me dirt (Charlie) I been down this road too many times
if you don't want no trouble you better change your mind

Repeat chorus until fade

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