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Artist :Kanye West
Album :The College Dropout
Title :

School Spirit Skit 2

You keep it going manyou keep those books rolling
You pick up those books your going to read
And not remember and you roll man.
You get that a sociate degreeokay
Then you get your bachelorsthen you get your masters
Then you get your master's masters
Then you get your doctron
You go manthen when everybody says quit
You show them those degree manwhen
Everybody says heyyour not working
Your not making in money
You say look at my degrees and you look at my life
Yeah i'm 52so whathate all you want
But i'm smarti'm so smartand i'm in school
And these guys are out here making
Money all these waysand i'm spended mine to be smart.
You know why?
Because when i diebuddyyou know
What going to keep me warmthat rightthose degrees

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