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Artist :B*Witched
Album :B*Witched
Title :


Today’s the day. We’re out to play

And lost our way, it’s always the same-oh baby now

Climbed the trees, swam the seven seas

We’ve grazed our knees and no-one’s to blame


Come and sit beside us. We’ll give you such a thrill

We’re not nice. We’re cool as ice. We’ll give you quite a chill

Let you imagination take over on this ride

Out of sight-all right ( Hold on tight)

Come on, come one, get in on

Riding in our rollercoaster

Come on, come along, get it on

Riding in our rollercoaster of love

So don’t be shy. You’ll soon be high

We’ll touch the sky. You’ll never believe

Oh baby now, go round but don’t look down

We won’t be found. You’d better believe it


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