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Artist :Barbra Streisand
Album :And Other Musical Instruments
Title :

Come Back To Me

Hear my voice where you are
Take a trainsteal a car
Hop a freightgrab a starcome back to me
Catch a planecatch a breeze
On your handson your knees
Swim or flyonly pleasecome back to me
On a mulein a jet
With your hair in a net
In a towel when you're wet
I don't carethis is where you should be

From the hillsfrom the shore
Ride the wind to my door
Turn the high with the dust
Break the law if you must
Move the worldonly just come back to me

Blast you highhear me call
Must i fight city hall
Here and nowdamn it allcome back to me
What on earth must i do
Scream and yell till i'm blue
Curse your soul when will you come back to me?
Have you gone to the moon or the corner saloon
At your rackat your room
Mademoisellewhere in hell can you be?

Leave a sign on your door
Out to lunch ever more
In a royce or a vanwrapped in mink coats or rain
Anyway that you cancome back to me
Hear my voice through the dim
Feel the waves on your skin
Like a call from withincome back to me
Leave behind all your own
Tell your flowers you will phone
Let your dog walk alonecome back to me

Let your tub overflow
If a date waits below
Let him wait for godot
By the rail
Come by mailcod
Par avionpar bateau
Dans une vielledeux chevaux

Come by steamcome by gas
Call for free on a pass
On the drags and the glasscome back to me
Leave your bills all unpaid
Let your bed go unmade
Your souffle unsouffledcome back to me
Come by sailcome by freight
In a box or a traykeep your head on the plate
I don't care this is where you should be

Come in pain or in joy
As a girlas a boy
In a bag or a trunk (shut up!)
On a horse or a drunk
In the flora or fauncome back to me
Come back to mecome back...

"will you stop bothering me?"
"whydaisyyou're a bloody miracle!"

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