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Artist :Barbra Streisand
Album :And Other Musical Instruments
Title :


Thank you!
You know this isi haven't done a concertin about six years. and
It's oh thank you... but it's very exciting i
Must saybut it's also terriblyterribly
Scary... oohgod i wish i was back on the set!
Mmmi gotta tell you this funny thing. but it's
Not so funny. but talking about being scared
I was even more scared till i spoke to friends
Of mine also performersyou know...and they
Were telling me that they also... uh ...[drinks
Tea] tastes much better that way! the japanese
Said so! anyway... they told me that in order
To conquer their fearsyou knowthey ... eh
Wellsome of them drink; but i really hate
The taste of liquorsso i...you knowi can't
Do that... and some of them... uh ... take pills;
But i can't even swallow aspirinso i can't
Do thatbut... more important than that... i
Have foundand i believethat performers
Should be very strongyou knowand... you don't
Know what i'm gonna say... your way ahead of me tonight.
It's still illegal? we should face our problems head
On! you know... what i was about to say you see
I have found that the way i conquer my fear of
A performance is just to... uhm... you know
Talk about itand you get it out in the open
And you discuss it with a little...excuse me...
[sniff] you justyou just talk about it freely and just...
Everything... and she's... what a fantastic
Accord you just played... what was that of f minor
with a demented pinky on the 5th it was really high.

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